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Social Media Ads Testimonials

Kitu Kali Footwear

Kitu Kali Footwear

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Kitu Kali is a Kenyan based company dedicated to creating unique footwear inspired by Kenyan tribal art. Their footwear supports local craftsmen who handmake their shoes in Kenya.

Since we began working together, Kitu Kali’s return on investment has risen to £6.66 for every £1 spent. To date our client’s total ad spend has been £1,793.32 resulting in £11,949.93 (Jan 2021) revenue from sales made in the UK and Kenya. Our brand awareness campaign has led to an increase of 3,984 Facebook followers, a 2,295% increase in less than one month for a total budget of £103 (Jan 2021).

Working in partnership, our goal is to establish Kitu Kali as an international footwear brand.

Key Facebook and Instagram Metrics. (Jan 2021)

Key Facebook and Instagram Metrics. (Jan 2021)

F.WORDS Apparel

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F.Words is a luxury women’s fashion brand founded in New York City. Their range of comfortable loungewear and women’s sports clothing sets the bar for high-end luxury apparel.

Before we began our partnership with Kendel, the founder of F.Words, they were generating an average return on investment of $0.95 for every $1 across the lifetime value of their Facebook and Instagram campaigns. By taking our data-driven approach we are now generating a consistent return on ad spend of $8.16 for every $1 spent. This has resulted in $4,478.79 worth of revenue for a total ad spend of $548.60 since we launched in November 2020.

Our aim is to continue to rapidly grow sales in the US and further afield, whilst maintaining a highly desirable return on investment.


Key Facebook and Instagram Metrics. (Jan 2021)

Buck N Bird


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Prior to lockdown Buck N Bird aimed to distribute their meat snack through pubs and retail outlets in the UK. Due to restrictions the founders, Hamish and Andrew needed to consider new routes to market. After our initial consultation, we put a plan in place to advertise their unique ‘meat crisps’ across Facebook and Instagram targeting users with an interest in dry meat brands, premium crisps, and alcoholic beverages.

Their product quickly grabbed the attention of their target audience and continues to generate a high level of engagement. Since October 2020 we have grown their return on investment from a baseline of £2 generated for every £1 spent to a consistent return of over £5 for every £1 spent.

Our aim is to help Buck N Bird continue to scale by driving conversions and awareness to establish them as one of the UK’s leading meat snack brands.


Key Facebook and Instagram Metrics. (Mar 2021)

Stabilis Fitness


“For years I have been gaining leads via Facebook ads and lead magnets at a cost of over £400 for around 200 leads which drop on to my daily email list.

Since outsourcing my Facebook ads to Unstuck Agency my monthly revenue has increased from £4,000 to £12,000 per month, a 300% rise which is fantastic.

Without any reservations, I will be remaining with Unstuck for some time”.

Andy Ciaravella – CEO of Stabilis Fitness

Leon Trayman Voice Coach


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“Leo and the team at Unstuck have really increased the website & social media page traffic for my business. I have seen a positive upswing in likes, bookings & messages coming through which is essential in making sure I can continue to grow my business.

In just over 1 year they have generated 195 coaching sessions resulting in a revenue of £10,070 for a total budget of £3,780 (including their management fee), a fantastic return on my investment.

Leo is also on hand for advice & help with strategy as well as technical hints & tips! Highly recommend!”.

Leon Trayman – Founder of Leon Traymen Voice Coach



“We wanted to boost traffic to sell directly on our website and needed help with advertising on social media. After just 1 month of working with Leo from Unstuck Agency, our sales were up 500%.

Leo is proactive, communicates well, and provides monthly performance reports. We are going to continue working with Leo and would highly recommend his services“.

Anna Oldbury – Director of LioBites

My SOS Family App

‘‘Since making contact with Unstuck Agency our cost per user download has dropped dramatically, allowing us to drive a far higher volume of downloads worldwide through social media channels. We will be staying with Unstuck for the foreseeable future and highly recommend their services’’.

Moony Victoire-Nijjar – Founder of My SOS Family

My SOS provides an emergency app service where family members or work colleagues can contact one another at a press of a button in an event of an emergency. Prior to our campaign, MY SOS Family drove an average cost of £7 per user download.

Since we launched in June 2020 we have driven the cost per download down to an average of £1.55 per-user install. We achieved these results by taking our data-driven approach and by targeting users with an interest in elderly care and alarm systems living in the UK, Ireland, US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Orchard OCD

‘‘Leo provides excellent service. He has a solid understanding of Facebook advertising and has been instrumental in helping us build an email list for our charity, Orchard OCD, which focuses on developing new and better treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). I thoroughly recommend working with him!’’

Nick Sireau, Chair and Co-founder – Orchard OCD

The Qube

”Working with Leo delivered immediate results on our membership sales and ROI. Within the first 3 months, we saw north of £18,000 ROI on £3,000 of ad spend. Leo is very pragmatic and took an active interest in our product offering and helped us optimise at all stages of the funnel”.

Amin Hamzianpour, Co-founder – The Qube

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