Sales Engine - Unstuck Agency

Build a sales engine inside your tech business

We'll give you access to our proprietary technology and the training needed to deploy world-class outbound campaigns

We will create a sales machine inside your business that delivers the following:


Takes on new clients

Effectively takes on new clients at a cost per acquisition far lower than that of engaging a lead generation agency


Allows you to scale with ease

Scale with minimal time investment. Our process is easily understood and can be picked up quickly by junior team members if needed


Protects your brand

Avoids resembling a poorly automated campaign, thereby safeguarding your brand image with potential future clients

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Deploy your own world-class outbound strategy

Campaign Set Up

We will build the technical infrastructure for you, incorporating our proprietary research technology. Our tech will help ensure your outbound emails and LinkedIn messages feel human and maintain good deliverability.

World-class copywriting support will be provided so your emails feel sincere and well-researched, which is the most challenging part.

Our Experience

Your new sales strategy will benefit from our hard-won experience; we have developed outreach strategies for over 100 B2B businesses. Our team includes sales professionals who have closed deals valued at up to £300k each.

By the end of your first two weeks, you’ll be live with your initial lead generation campaign, and you can start creating opportunities immediately. Following this, we’ll shift focus to developing an ongoing outbound strategy for you to deploy.

Our Package



Our rate drops to £990/month after 3 months and then to £695 after 9 months
  • A fully managed service for your first 2 months. We will then show you how to deploy our strategy independently
  • Value proposition articulation. We will communicate your agency's USP in a way that works for cold outbound
  • First email and LinkedIn campaign creation and launch. Going live in 10 working days following onboarding.
  • 1-hour individual strategy session every week for 6 weeks, focused on campaign setup, management, and conversion strategies across your outbound channels. After this initial period, you will have one call per month for the following six months. Subsequent calls are scheduled upon request
  • Full tech stack set up for email and LinkedIn. This includes prompt creation for our unique AI tool. We'll also create your first 10 email accounts
  • Unlimited access to our unique AI technology and full tech stack set up for email and LinkedIn. This includes prompt creation for our unique AI tool. We'll also create your first 10 email accounts
  • We will help you ensure your emails drive high open rates through our deliverability protocols
  • Industry-leading copywriting support. Providing feedback on your new copy ideas within 24 hours
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