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SaaS Marketing (How To Drive MRR Growth)

SaaS marketing is a complex beast. To drive MRR growth, you must engage your ICP, identify cost-effective user acquisition strategies, and build for the long term while getting results in the short term. In this guide, we will break down why SaaS marketing matters and how you can utilise the services of a SaaS marketing agency to accelerate user acquisition.

Why does SaaS marketing matter?

SaaS marketing is central to MRR growth. To increase MRR for your SaaS business, you need to leverage a range of different marketing strategies. No matter whether you are a bootstrapped or VC-backed SaaS, all founders want to invest in cost-effective marketing to drive user acquisition. Typically, you will explore a blend of inbound and outbound strategies to fuel growth.

Engage your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

An ICP is the cornerstone of a SaaS marketing strategy. If you do not have a defined ICP, it is likely that your marketing efforts lack the focus needed to succeed. By nailing down who your ideal customers are, you can produce targeted content and focus on the marketing channels where they spend their time. Ultimately, it’s all about optimising for success.

When it comes to segmenting your ICP, you should filter similar yet distinct buyers into different categories. In some cases, you can tailor certain marketing channels to different segments. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works in SaaS marketing. SaaS CMOs should carefully consider how their ICPs differ and how those differences should shape their marketing strategy.

Identify cost-effective user acquisition strategies

With the right user acquisition strategy, you can unlock growth at a reasonable price and avoid the high customer acquisition costs that can overwhelm startups. Even though it’s tempting to raise capital to fund your marketing efforts, this is not always desirable. Alongside losing equity, VC-backed SaaS companies face pressure to achieve rapid growth.

As bootstrapped SaaS founders are not beholden to investors, they do not have to follow the “grow at all costs” approach to SaaS growth. Bootstrapped SaaS founders are usually very conscious of CAC and do not have the liquidity to get paid back over a long period of time. This forces bootstrapped SaaS companies to focus on finding ultra-qualified leads at a low CAC.

Build for the long term while getting results in the short term

Bootstrapped SaaS founders don’t have the luxury of raising capital to fund marketing efforts. This means they need to focus on long-term sustainable growth. To achieve this, bootstrapped SaaS companies should focus on building an efficient conversion funnel and generating leads through cold email outreach, SEO, and content marketing.

While paid acquisition is a quick way to drive short-term results, it is not a long-term solution for sustainable growth. If you want to build a bootstrapped SaaS company that lasts, you need to focus on getting results from a mix of inbound and outbound marketing tactics that pay off over the long haul. You should focus on the compounding effect of your marketing efforts.

How can marketing agencies for SaaS drive MRR growth?

With the support of the right marketing agency, SaaS companies can drive MRR growth through a range of marketing initiatives. A good marketing agency will have a deep understanding of SaaS marketing and offer expert guidance on how to engage your ICP. They should identify cost-effective user acquisition strategies and help you build a long-term growth plan.

If you want to start stacking MRR growth and unlocking higher valuation multiples, you need a marketing agency for SaaS in your corner. Sure, some marketing agencies will position themselves as experts in the world of SaaS marketing. But the reality is that few have the track record to back it up. SaaS marketing agencies should have a proven track record of success.

The best marketing agencies for SaaS companies are usually those with a deep understanding of how to generate leads and convert them into paying users. They should also have a solid grasp of how to measure and optimise for key SaaS metrics such as CAC and LTV (customer lifetime value). After all, these metrics play a pivotal role in determining valuation multiples.

What do the best SaaS marketing agencies have in common?

The best SaaS marketing agencies usually have the following in common:

  • They have a proven track record of driving growth for SaaS companies.
  • They offer expert guidance on how to engage your ICP.
  • They help you identify cost-effective user acquisition strategies.
  • They recognise the unique challenges faced by bootstrapped founders.
  • They understand the importance of optimising around key SaaS metrics.


When both parties are on the same page, it becomes easier to devise a marketing strategy that is destined to drive user acquisition. If you want to stack the odds of success in your favour, you need to focus on finding an agency with a proven track record of driving growth for both bootstrapped and VC-backed SaaS companies of all sizes.

Where can you find the best marketing agency for SaaS?

There are many ways to find the best marketing agency for SaaS. You can start by asking for recommendations from other SaaS founders. Once you have a shortlist of agencies, you should check out their case studies and read online reviews. Make sure to also assess their team to see if they have the right mix of skills and experience.

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