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SaaS Email Marketing (Campaign Strategies For 2023)

SaaS email marketing campaigns often come with a lot of guesswork.

When SaaS founders do not have clear campaign strategies, they resort to throwing darts at random ideas. Through our team’s support, we can ensure you unlock plenty of value from your email lists by following a targeted and methodical approach. Using tried-and-tested strategies, we can focus your SaaS outreach efforts and help you to unlock more MRR.

As seasoned business development professionals, we bring a unique perspective to lead generation. While many lead generators come from digital marketing backgrounds, we construct campaigns through the lens of business development. We heavily draw on this experience when writing your emails, analysing performance data and identifying qualified leads.

SaaS Email Marketing Tips To Maximise ROI

SaaS email marketing campaign open rates are usually around 21%, which is the average across all industries. From our experience running successful campaigns, SaaS companies targeting companies with 1-50 employees should aim for healthy open rates of 45% and above. To be better than average and achieve high open and reply rates, you should consider the following tips.

Leverage Segmentation To Deliver A Tailored Experience

To personalise and contextualise your outreach efforts, you should consider segmenting your email list based on different variables. For instance, you could utilise different email templates depending on the number of employees at a company. When you appreciate the nuances of outreach and deliver tailored emails, you will likely see an increased response rate.

How can you send an outreach email without it feeling cold? This is the question you need to ask yourself. We all know what bad email outreach looks like. If you’re like any other SaaS founder, you are probably inundated with poor outreach emails every week. Breaking up your prospect lists and structuring campaigns around specific data points is the way to go.

Establish A Clear Goal For Your SaaS Email Campaign

Before you begin to craft any email templates, you must have a clear understanding of what you aim to achieve with your outreach campaign. This means taking time to define a call-to-action that matches the desired action. If you have multiple CTAs, you could potentially split test CTAs to measure how receptive prospects are to certain types of outreach messaging

Automate Email Marketing To Scale Rapidly

If you’re launching an ambitious email marketing campaign, manually sending every email is not a scalable strategy. You must access and leverage systems enabling you to schedule emails in bulk. These solutions can synchronise prospect data with your email templates to customise hundreds or even thousands of emails at once with a range of different data variables.

Focus On Micro-Conversions

Many SaaS founders underestimate the importance of micro-conversions. It’s easy to fixate on the “ultimate” conversion (when prospects become paying users) and ignore useful data points. Typically, a series of micro-conversions will need to happen on the journey towards bagging a paying SaaS user, such as a case study click-through, a webinar sign-up or a blog visit.

As you prepare a SaaS email campaign for launch, it is critical to identify micro-conversions alongside your primary conversion. Once these are identified, you can optimise your email copy around them to maximise campaign performance. When you encourage micro-conversions, it becomes easier for you to push prospects closer to the “ultimate” conversion.

Utilise SaaS Email Templates

While there is no shortage of SaaS email templates online for you to adapt, you should consider investing in email copywriting services. At Unstuck, email copywriting support is covered in our done-for-you SaaS email service. We can dedicate time to fine-tuning your email copy.

Develop A Reporting Infrastructure

To effectively measure campaign performance and track a range of metrics, you must have the right reporting infrastructure in place. With Unstuck in your corner, we can provide you with all the campaign performance data you need to make informed decisions going forward. As an example, you can use our data from lead flow metrics to optimise your funnels.

Partner With A SaaS Email Service

Our team can create, monitor and make tweaks to your SaaS email outreach campaigns. We have the expertise and resources to successfully scale email outreach campaigns for SaaS companies of all sizes. As part of our standard package, we can send 2,000 targeted B2B emails each month (87 per working day) to kickstart your SaaS outreach efforts.

Preparing a SaaS email campaign for launch can take many hours. If you don’t know what you’re doing, this can become a sprawling task that ultimately ends up on the backburner. In other cases, SaaS founders will rush through the process of preparing a campaign. This can result in founders overlooking things such as segmentation and finely-tuned email copy.

Building Your SaaS Email List

When it comes to preparing a campaign for launch, sourcing prospect data is half the battle. Fortunately, we have the necessary tools and resources to pour fresh prospect data into our email outreach machine for your SaaS business every month. As we tweak and refine your campaigns, a consistent flow of prospect data is essential to landing on a winning formula.

Rather than spending hours building an email list yourself, you can leverage our end-to-end SaaS email service. While you focus on nurturing existing users, we can take care of all your outreach efforts. Our team can provide you with a seamless solution to lead generation. If you urgently need more lead flow but cannot dedicate time to this, we are ready to support you.

SaaS Email Marketing Campaigns (How To Get Started)

Are you ready to begin generating more MRR from email outreach? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re curious about how we can elevate your outreach efforts, we are ready to learn more about your SaaS business. You can find out more about our proven track record of delivering results by browsing through our ever-growing list of case studies.

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