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Outsourced B2B Lead Generation Services (3 Overlooked Benefits)

B2B lead generation outsourcing is the act of hiring a company to generate leads for your agency on your behalf. According to a Demand Gen Report, 62% of B2B professionals said increasing lead volume is their top priority. With this in mind, many agency founders are turning to specialist firms to generate consistent lead flow for their businesses.

68% of businesses reported struggling with lead generation. Meanwhile, another 61% of B2B marketers think lead generation is their top challenge. Sourcing quality leads is not easy. When it comes to getting started with B2B lead generation, this is one of the biggest hurdles marketing agencies face. Fortunately, outsourcing lead generation can relieve you of this headache.

What is B2B lead generation outsourcing?

Typically, when you outsource B2B lead generation, you will work with a team of specialists who will drive an effort to generate leads for your business. Depending on the services offered by the team, they may use a variety of methods to generate leads, including outbound calls, cold email outreach and LinkedIn InMail. This also comes down to the channels you are most interested in.

Why should agencies outsource lead generation?

Outbound efforts can offer a speedy ROI

Instead of waiting months for inbound leads to trickle in, you can jumpstart your lead generation with an outbound strategy. Internal sales often come with a high turnover rate. The voluntary turnover rate is 16%, while the involuntary rate is usually higher. The added complication of training new salespeople can further hinder an agency’s in-house sales momentum.

Target your ICP and buyer personas

When you outsource lead generation, you can target your ideal customer profile (ICP) with precision. Lead generation specialists can use sales intelligence to help you create a buyer persona and target your ICP with absolute precision. If you lack the resources to properly target your ICP, outsourcing lead generation will ensure you have the right set of eyes on this task.

Gain a consistent lead flow

When agencies stop pouring fresh data into their outreach campaigns, everything comes grinding to a halt. This is typical of busy agency teams that do not have time to quickly source fresh data as soon as their campaigns begin to run dry. When you outsource B2B lead generation, you can gain a consistent flow of leads to keep your sales pipeline full.

Outsourcing Lead Generation (How To Get Started)

Unstuck Agency utilises cutting-edge lead generation strategies to help marketing agencies unlock consistent lead flow. As an end-to-end solution for agencies, we take care of all the hard work involved in launching high-converting email outreach campaigns, including sourcing leads and writing email copy. We are ready to support more agencies with our scalable solution.

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