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Marketing Agency Lead Generation (3 Overlooked Strategies)

Marketing agency lead generation is essential to getting more clients on retainers. There is no shortage of ways to fill up your calendar with exploratory sales calls. It all comes down to finding the right lead generation strategies for your marketing agency. In this article, we will break down how to grow a digital marketing agency through a range of lead generation strategies.

Marketing Agency Lead Generation (Why Does It Matter?)

As a marketing agency founder, what is your worst fear? When our team talks to marketing agencies about their goals and objectives, the key obstacle they face is a lack of leads. They simply do not have enough leads. In other words, an agency founder’s worst fear is an empty calendar. Agencies need a fully booked calendar and a healthy pipeline of prospects.

Unless you have robust lead generation systems in place, this is difficult to achieve. Inbound leads are important – but consistent outreach will set your agency apart from the competition. You should not rely on inconsistent flurries of organic leads (generated through some online exposure) to keep your pipeline filled up. Turn your attention to outbound lead generation.

To support agency growth and land more clients on retainers, you should focus on building out outbound lead generation systems. These will enable you to capture the attention of those who align with your ideal client profile. With systemised processes for generating leads, you do not have to rely on pure luck to grow your agency – placing you in control of your agency’s destiny.

Getting Started With Lead Generation For Marketing Agency

Network Using LinkedIn Automation

59% of B2B marketers say they generate leads using LinkedIn. This is a popular networking platform for B2B decision-makers. If you want to get in front of B2B decision-makers and pitch your marketing agency as the answer to their problems, LinkedIn offers a range of ways for you to interact with other users. For scalability, you can automate many of these actions.

Much like B2B email outreach, scale is vital to an effective LinkedIn outreach strategy. This is where automation comes in. Using a LinkedIn automation tool, you can reach out to your target B2B decision-makers at scale with customised messages. Some LinkedIn automation tools will allow you to send follow-up messages to prospects, along with automatic connection requests.

If you want to pursue a LinkedIn automation strategy, you must carefully consider how you wish to structure your messages and connection requests. Many B2B decision-makers are growing tired of receiving endless outreach messages. To ensure your agency’s LinkedIn outreach stands out from the crowd, consider ways to customise your messages at scale.

Cold Calling Is Still A Strategy

According to research from HubSpot, 69% of buyers are happy to accept calls from vendors. This is clear evidence that the telephone in your agency’s studio still has an important role to play in your sales efforts. While cold calling prospects is often bashed as a poor and outdated sales tactic, we believe there is still a place for cold calling in your overall sales strategy.

For instance, if you are failing to get an email response from a prospect, you can follow up with a cold call. In many cases, contacting the prospect through a different medium is enough to push the conversation forward. When B2B decision-makers are dealing with overflowing inboxes, it’s easy for them to put conversations on the back-burner or forget about them completely.

Unless you plan to outsource your cold calling, this sales tactic can lack scalability for small agencies. Ultimately, a single person can only make one call at a time. This is why agencies often use cold calling as part of a broader strategy. When agencies leverage cold calling as a tool to support their email sequences, it can help to unlock more value from email outreach.

Marketing Agency Lead Generation
Marketing Agency Lead Generation

B2B Email Lead Generation

In our opinion, email outreach is unrivalled in its ability to help agencies connect with potential clients and market their services. An email outreach campaign enables you to quickly reach B2B decision-makers who may wish to explore your agency’s services. It all comes down to having the right systems in place to support an ambitious email outreach campaign.

To generate leads for your marketing agency, you are going to need an email list of target companies that includes the contact details of key decision-makers. These lists often take considerable time to build. Once you have amassed enough leads to run an email campaign, you must then verify the data to ensure that each of the data points is accurate.

Outsourcing B2B Email Outreach Lead Generation

As the process of launching an email outreach campaign is often rather longwinded, many marketing agencies either rule it out completely or rush the launch. Throwing together an outreach campaign in a hurry is never a good idea. From verifying the accuracy of your prospect data to writing compelling email copy, there is much for you to consider.

If you are like any successful marketing agency, your team has a lot on its plate at any given moment in time. Team members are busy trying to meet client needs and do not have the time to launch all-encompassing outreach campaigns. This is where outsourcing comes in. Some marketing agencies are leveraging B2B lead generation partners to set up and run campaigns.

Partnering with the right B2B lead generation agency can ensure your email campaigns are in the best possible position to succeed. Ideally, you should look for lead generation specialists with extensive experience running outreach campaigns for marketing agencies. These lead generation specialists can act as an extension of your existing in-house team.

B2B Email Lead Generation (Using Unstuck Agency)

While most lead generation specialists come from backgrounds in marketing, Unstuck Agency brings something a little different to the table. Our team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in business development. We use our experience in business development to ensure all email outreach campaigns align with your agency’s broader business objectives.

Once we understand your agency’s business objectives, we can begin to craft an outreach campaign that aligns with your ambitions. Marketing agencies looking for an end-to-end solution to email outreach choose Unstuck Agency. From sourcing targeted leads to crafting compelling email copy, your outreach campaigns are in safe hands with our lead generation team.

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