Sponsorship Acquisition for Events - Unstuck Agency

Sponsorship Acquisition for Events

We help event brands and sports clubs generate funding through sponsorship


How we work


Sponsorship Strategy

During an onboarding strategy session, we will help you identify potential sponsorship opportunities and establish brands you would like to partner with for your event. Unlike other providers, we come from a live event background and have a deep understanding of how to generate sponsorship opportunities for your brand


Opportunity Generation

Once we have established your ideal sponsorship partners, we will approach them on your behalf. We draw on a data bank of nearly 3,000 campaigns to formulate partnership proposals that will resonate with your target sponsors


Deal Execution Tactics

Once a potential sponsor replies, we will forward the opportunity to your inbox for you to follow up on. We work with you to help transform incoming partnership opportunities into closed deals to maximise your return on investment. At the end of each month, we also provide you with a key metric report


We help our clients get funding through corporate sponsorship

Our Expertise

Before embarking into the world of sponsorship acquisition, we operated as business development professionals in the events industry.

After our events business came to a close due to COVID 19 we launched Unstuck Agency on a shoestring.

We’ve since worked with leading sports clubs, hospitality brands, and festivals; driving sponsorship opportunities with global brands as well as local companies to help fund their activities.