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Email Pitch Examples (Campaign Strategies For 2023)

While email pitch examples can help to get your creative juices flowing – it’s important to look at why they are effective. If you are searching for an email outreach recipe for success, you have come to the right place, In this guide, we are going to break down the ingredients of an effective email pitch. With the right approach, you can send response rates soaring to new heights.

Learning From The Best Email Pitch Examples

Finding a winning formula for email outreach is not an overnight task. The most successful email campaigns use data to gradually improve upon email templates. This data takes time to collect. It only comes through the process of trial and error. When you test different styles of email copy, this gives you the chance to see what sticks. It’s a constant learning process.

Despite the nuances of different target audiences, you can find some common traits in many successful email pitch examples that transcend industries and niches. If you want to win at email outreach, you need to know the rules of the game. From our experience running countless high-performing outreach campaigns, there are a few strategies you can add to your playbook. 

Utilise Niche-Specific Phrasing

If you’re targeting specific niches, you should go all-in on using industry buzzwords. These can give your target audience confidence in your understanding of their industry. When campaigns are broadly targeting B2B businesses, it’s often easy to overlook the use of industry buzzwords. Email list segmentation can focus your outreach efforts and enable you to use niche phrasing.

Make Your Proposition Sound Easy To Pursue

B2B business owners love plug-and-play SaaS solutions with no learning curve attached. If you’re trying to craft a compelling B2B offer, you need to get your positioning right. Make your solution sound easy to implement. Just the thought of adding another complex platform to their already bloated tech stack is enough to give a B2B business owner a headache.

Lead With A Single Solution Rather Than Multiple

Have you ever heard of choice paralysis? If you give someone too many choices, this leads to overthinking and they never end up making a decision. To get B2B business owners to take action, you must focus on providing one solution to a single problem. Trying to offer too many solutions at once is a recipe for disaster. Keep your email copy streamlined and focused.

Split Test Different Email Pitch Templates

Split testing different email pitch templates can enable you to see what’s working and what isn’t. Rather than changing many different variables at once, we would recommend only making a few changes at a time. This will allow you to see whether these small changes improve your metrics. Too many changes at once make it impossible to know what’s working. 

State Your ROI Figures To Inspire Confidence

Do not underestimate the power of sprinkling ROI statistics into your email copy. If you’re asking B2B business owners to deploy capital and invest in your solution, give them examples of how previous customers have benefited from the solution. One sentence in your email copy stating an ROI figure with a link through to a case study can help to inspire confidence in your solution.

Take A Direct Approach And Do Not Oversell

Get to the point. B2B business owners are receiving dozens of outreach emails every week. They do not have the time or patience to sit and read through longwinded pitches. Keeping everything short and to the point will help to increase engagement. At the same time, it’s important to balance a direct approach with not overselling your solution.

Create The Impression You Manually Wrote The Email

B2B business owners have seen it all. They can spot an outreach email from a mile away. However, if you make an effort to differentiate yourself from others and bring something unique to the table, this is likely to result in higher response rates. Ultimately, you want to create the impression that you manually wrote the outreach email.

Making automated outreach look manual isn’t easy. You should imagine you are writing to a distant associate or mutual friend. It’s important to think about what you don’t include in the copy as much as what you do include. Ideally, you need to avoid using superlative language and get straight to the point. Writing overly polished email copy is more likely to turn off prospects.

Sales Pitch Email Examples (Split Testing)

To give you a sense of how we approach email outreach, here are two email pitch examples:

We hope this gives you a flavour of how we approach writing email pitches. This is a delicate process and it can often take hours to finish fine-tuning the copy. In many cases, we will spend up to half a day writing a single email template for our clients. When it comes to launching an email campaign, you should dedicate as much time as possible to fine-tuning your copy.

Using Email Sales Pitch Examples

If you’re getting ready to launch an email outreach campaign and need more inspiration, you should consider leveraging our email outreach services. We know what it takes to launch a successful email outreach campaign. Our tried and tested strategies work across a wide range of different niches. When it comes to writing effective email copy, you need us in your corner.

Unstuck Agency has a proven track record of delivering high-performing B2B email outreach campaigns. As seasoned business development professionals, our refreshing approach to outreach campaigns is underpinned by our experience helping B2B businesses to meet their strategic objectives. We have no shortage of case studies highlighting our recent successes.

To get your email outreach campaigns working for your business, you can utilise our email lead generation services. We combine our business development expertise with technical know-how to deliver unbeatable email outreach campaigns that fire on all cylinders. From helping to source qualified leads to automating the email distribution, we offer an end-to-end outreach solution.

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