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Cold Email Subject Line Networking (40 Examples + Tips For 2023)

Subject lines for networking emails can make or break your outreach campaigns. B2B decision-makers are constantly bombarded with outreach emails. While email outreach remains a crucial pillar of any B2B SaaS company’s sales efforts, execution is everything. Quickly pulling together a lacklustre email subject line for B2B prospects could tank your campaign.

Cold Email Subject Line Networking (Why Does It Matter?)

When you are building a B2B email outreach campaign, it’s tempting to pour time and effort into crafting the perfect email pitch. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this. However, the time you spend writing the email body often comes at the expense of writing a good subject line. Only giving your subject lines a few seconds of thought is a recipe for disaster.

Think of the subject line as the first hurdle in a campaign. The overall quality of your subject line will determine whether you can get recipients to open the email and read the email body. With this in mind, it makes sense to dedicate significant time to crafting subject lines. These should immediately pique the interest of B2B prospects and encourage them to open your emails.

Subject Lines For Networking Emails (3 Tips To Consider)

Personalise Subject Lines With Data Variables

Most email outreach services and platforms will enable you to incorporate a range of data variables into your subject lines. For instance, if you have a lead list with several data points, you could use different types of data points, such as first names and company names, in your subject lines. Personalising subject lines can help your emails to stand out in crowded inboxes.

Keep Subject Lines Short And Simple

Sprawling subject lines are unlikely to capture and engage recipients. If the last few words of a subject line fall off the page and are unviewable without opening the email, this can lessen the impact of your words. Using short and snappy subject lines will ensure recipients are able to read your words in full. Concise and simple subject lines are also easier to digest.

Split Test Subject Lines To Identify Winners

Collecting performance data for your email outreach campaigns gives you the ability to make data-backed decisions. Split testing subject lines can help to push your campaigns further. Experimentation is always an important part of any successful email outreach campaign. Constantly testing and refining your approach to subject lines is a winning formula.

40 Networking Email Subject Line Examples

Subject Line For Reconnecting Email

To reconnect with someone after time has passed, adding some intrigue to your subject line should pique the curiosity of the recipient. As you would expect, the best way to approach this all depends on where things were left with the decision-maker. If you are trying to write a subject line for a reconnecting email, the below ideas should get your creative juices flowing:

  • [Company Name] opportunity
  • [Company Name] potential new strategy
  • [Company Name]’s progress
  • [Company Name]’s future
  • [Company Name]’s new venture
  • [Company Name]’s recent LinkedIn post
  • [Company Name]’s sales
  • [Company Name] should try this
  • [Company Name] crossed my mind
  • [Company Name]’s recent success

Subject Line For Catching Up Email

If you are trying to catch up with a B2B decision-maker that you have not spoken to in a while, the tone and style of your subject line will depend on how you left things with them. In some cases, you may adopt a casual tone. For others, you may wish to take a more formal approach to your subject lines. Here is a range of subject lines for you to consider:

  • [Company Name] review
  • [Company Name] ideas
  • [Company Name] brainstorm
  • [Company Name] strategy
  • [Company Name] audit
  • [Company Name] data
  • [Company Name] evaluation
  • [Company Name] revenue
  • [Company Name] report
  • [Company Name] solution

Networking Email Subject Line With A Question

If you lead with a question, this may increase your open rate and raise your chances of a reply. Writing your subject line in the form of a question isn’t a surefire way to increase your open rate. Ultimately, it all depends on the question’s relevance to the recipient. If you want to test a subject line with a question, here are some possible ideas for you to consider:

  • [Company Name] facing this problem?
  • [Company Name]’s MRR growth?
  • [Company Name] open to this?
  • [Company Name] resources?
  • [Company Name]’s opinion?
  • [Company Name] growth ambitions?
  • Right direction for [Company Name]?
  • [Company Name] exploring this?
  • [Company Name]’s next strategy?
  • [Company Name]’s next opportunity?

Subject Line With Value Proposition

When pitching a SaaS solution to a B2B decision-maker through email outreach, you must lead with your value proposition. As we said earlier, B2B decision-makers are constantly bombarded with daily pitches. To break through the noise, state your value proposition in the subject line and expand on this further in the email body. Here are some ideas to kickstart the creative process:

  • [Company Name] accounts
  • [Company Name] cashflow
  • [Company Name] pipeline
  • [Company Name] sustainability
  • [Company Name] CRM
  • [Company Name] clients
  • [Company Name] reporting
  • [Company Name] tools
  • [Company Name] tech stack
  • [Company Name] MRR

Subject Line For Networking Email (Final Thoughts)

The examples use data points to personalise the subject lines. When someone sees their company name in the subject line, this has the potential to immediately capture their attention – while still creating some ambiguity. Generic subject lines that do not utilise any data points often fail to attract attention. Exploring ways to personalise your copy is key.

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