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I run an accountancy practice, and before I engaged Unstuck Agency I was looking for ways to grow my practice with minimal effort from me. I do not know much about marketing, and have no time as all of my time is spent looking after my clients.

I have been using Unstuck Agency for 6 months now, and in this time I have taken on 11 new clients for my accountancy practice. These new clients are all high quality clients and the exact profile which I was targeting for my practice (owner managed businesses).

Before I started working with Leo, I was onboarding new owner managed businesses at a rate of 1 per quarter, now I am onboarding them at a rate of 2 per month, which is a vast improvement.

The numbers speak for themselves. The return on investment so far is as follows:

New revenue generated in 6 months = £6,000
Cost = £1,508
Return on Investment = 297%

Most of these fees are recurring year on year, and so in reality the return on investment is a lot higher.

Robert Moles
CEO of Redwood Accountants

Leo is very proactive in managing new leads. The emails are sent from a separate email address, and I get notifications when a prospect replies who is potentially interested. Leo also diligently handles any issues which may arise from clients who are not interested after receiving the initial email. Leo also provides tips with regards to communicating with leads, and managing the whole process to ensure the greatest success rates. I cannot recommend Unstuck Agency highly enough, in 6 short months they have grown my business and I expect that they will keep doing so. The input required from me is minimal, all I have to do is check the inbox and engage with prospects who are interested in finding out more about my services.