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Green Feathers is an ambitious product brand supplying wildlife cameras that allow users to watch the wildlife in their garden from the comfort of inside their home.

Although they already had a network of retailers and direct-to-consumer marketing strategies in place, they were keen to expand their reach and order volume.

The challenge faced by their marketing team was their limited ability to establish which retailers stocked outdoor or garden-related products in a timely manner. Online directories like LinkedIn Sales Navigator bunch outdoor retailers under the general retail tag, featuring a wide range of outlets that are irrelevant, like fashion stores or supermarkets.

They also lacked the experience to write prospecting emails that could effectively engage decision-makers once the target had been identified, resulting in a time-consuming and costly exercise.

Using our proprietary AI technology, we were able to quickly establish which retailers had an interest in stocking outdoor and garden-related products. We then gathered a target list throughout the UK, Europe, and US, according to the geographical brief.

Drawing on our databank of over 4,000 campaigns and 10 years of business development experience, we constructed researched emails for each target prospect. Their emails were designed to engage buyers at major retail outlets while representing their brand in a positive light.

Within their first month, we drove leads and meetings at leading retailers, including Homebase and Mountain Warehouse, as well as order values exceeding a 10:1 ROI on their investment.

We are now expanding their outreach into new territories, including Australia, Germany, and Canada, as these countries have a high number of garden centres and outdoor shops.

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''We’ve been very happy with the work from Unstuck. We started our campaign with an idea of getting 2 or 3 leads, but we got 21 in month 1. Of those 21 leads we’ve had 3 confirmed orders and 14 good conversations. The success has been incredible and we can’t wait to see what happens as we expand into new territories and customer groups.'' James Ewens - Ecommerce Director - Green Feathers