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B2B Demand Generation Services: Igniting Growth Through Cold Email Outreach

B2B demand generation services can deliver the following benefits:

  • Amplified lead generation with personalised, strategic marketing.
  • Attractive ROI by targeting ideal customer profiles (ICPs) with optimised campaigns.
  • Enhanced brand visibility through channels like email, SEO and social media.
  • Elevated customer interaction by fostering relationships via engagement methods like webinars and events.
  • Optimised sales funnel by streamlining the sales process, identifying gaps and improving lead management.


When developing effective B2B marketing strategies through demand generation services, Unstuck Agency is well-equipped to meet your needs.

We’ve created a unique personalised service designed for companies who what to engage in effective lead generation techniques whilst protecting their name and brand.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of B2B demand generation services and how cold email outreach campaigns are used to help get businesses in front of B2B decision-makers.

B2B Demand Generation Services: How Does It Work?

B2B demand generation services aim to create awareness and demand for your products or services.

Sending personalised, well-researched emails that resonate with your ideal customer profile (ICP) target market is a strategy that Unstuck Agency has proven effective.

B2B demand generation can also take other forms, such as PPC campaigns and social media marketing.

For instance, a PPC agency could run a Google Ads campaign to drum up demand for your B2B products or services.

Most B2B businesses will explore different forms of demand generation before focusing their resources on a single strategy.

Using Cold Email Outreach For B2B Demand Generation

Cold email outreach remains an effective tool in B2B demand generation.

While many people will tell you that email as a communication channel is a thing of the past, the data doesn’t support this.

Here are a few key statistics to consider:

  • Automation is primarily used in email marketing to send triggered emails, for drip or nurture campaigns and segmentation. (Litmus, 2021)
  • 81% of B2B marketers say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters. (Content Marketing Institute, 2020)
  • 64% of B2B marketers say their email marketing strategy was effective for meeting business goals in 2021. (HubSpot Blog Research, 2021)
  • 15.8% of all emails go missing or have been caught by popular spam filters. (Email Tool Tester, 2022)
  • B2B marketers say that new product and feature announcement marketing emails have the highest click-through rate. (HubSpot Blog Research, 2021)


By delivering personalised emails directly to select business prospects, partners like Unstuck Agency ensure that the right people see and consider B2B brands and their offerings.

We have an understanding of the common preconceptions around cold emails (many of which are true when done poorly).
Our team has developed a personalised strategy designed to represent B2B businesses in the best light while avoiding common pitfalls. 

Direct Contact With Decision-Makers

Agencies specialising in cold email outreach ensure that your emails land directly in decision-makers’ inboxes.

This ability to bypass layers of hierarchy significantly increases the likelihood of your message being seen by the right professionals.

We draw on our understanding of B2B sectors and past campaigns to inform our approach and experiment with referencing different aspects of our clients’ value propositions.

Personalisation and Segmentation

Well-structured cold emails, like those created by Unstuck Agency, are tailored to the recipient.

The aim is to provide the B2B decision-maker with as much value as possible in just a few lines.

You can segment emails based on various factors such as industry, location, job title, seniority level and company size to ensure these decision-makers are receiving the most relevant copy.

Unstuck Agency can offer personalisation at scale.

For many B2B businesses, this is incredibly difficult to achieve.

As a unique service, we have taken the time to develop systems and processes that enable us to send email correspondence (on your behalf) that are fully personalised and tailored to the recipients.

Rather than sitting and writing each email one by one, our service can create the impression that the emails were written from scratch while not appearing in any way automated.


With a strategic approach to cold email outreach, you get a cost-effective yet highly effective demand generation strategy.

You can send a large volume of emails without worrying about escalating costs.

Targeted cold email campaigns, combined with expert sales strategy, can offer a high return on investment.

Implementing An Effective Cold Email Outreach Strategy

Implementing an effective cold email outreach requires careful planning, an understanding of your target audience and the creation of compelling copy.

Unstuck Agency can also bring the latest practices and techniques into the mix, enabling you to send more correspondence per day than traditional methods would allow.

Our team manually research each prospect to find information that is then included in our email correspondence.

This information is found and collected by our Research Specialists, trained professionals with a solid understanding of B2B businesses.

In addition to crafting emails that spark interest and provoke action, Unstuck Agency can provide clients with regular performance updates to strategise for continuous improvement of open and response rates.

By leveraging B2B demand generation services and effective cold email outreach, businesses can transform potential leads into loyal customers and significantly boost their growth and success.

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