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After our music events business closed due to COVID-19, we faced the daunting prospect of finding a 'real job'. Having left corporate life long ago, we were reluctant to give up our newfound freedom

Fortunately, we had a powerful asset: a highly effective approach to new client acquisition. Since launching in April 2020, we have managed over 4,000 outreach campaigns worldwide

Our experience in developing our own technology, which is now extensively used in both our own and our clients' campaigns, provides us with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by tech founders

Our growing team consists of individuals with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology. Our mission is to develop sustainable business strategies for tech companies with big ambitions

We are an entrepreneurial team with a passion for working with like-minded individuals

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Leo Kesner


Oliver Williams

Client Services Manager

Chris Gunton

Strategy Lead
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Matt Williams

Account Executive

Will Hall-Tomkin

Account Executive
The ROI from this channel has dwarfed any other medium we have used over the past ten years. Richard Benson - CEO
Within the first 6 weeks, we had won 4 clients with a total contract value of £48,000, giving us an ROI of x32. George Sharpe - Co-Founder
On average, we take on 2 new clients per month, resulting in an ROI of 10:1, which speaks for itself. Julian Gillett - Founder
Blue Shore
Having worked with Leo and the team at Unstuck Agency I can confidently say that you will have the fantastic problem of having too many leads coming your way. Sacha Mandel - Product Development Manager